We pride ourselves on working with quality Brand Ambassadors to ensure that you can get, not just the best deal, but also the best fit for your brand image.

Via masterclasses, cocktail making and food pairing, we will ensure that you and your staff are provided with expert training and knowledge of each brand and drink.

Our Brand Ambassadors help to provide a niche experience for your customers and can take part in tasting events and other activities in order to promote particular products that you offer. In turn, this provides a very unique opportunity for your customers to really get to know and understand what they’re enjoying and associate that enjoyment with your venue.

Here are just some of the Brand Ambassadors that we’ve worked with:

Brand Ambassadors

Geraldine Coates

Geraldine Coates has been writing about gin for over twenty years and is a pioneer of the great gin renaissance. She is editor of the world's first website devoted to gin - gintime.com and has worked on a range of projects with many of the world's top gin brands.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin is the UK's #1 hospitality trainer & motivational speaker with a career stretching back over 30 years. In his early twenties he won 7 global mixology titles, set 2 Guinness world mixology records and opened the award-winning cocktail bar, Kudos in South West London.

Paul Martin
Dave Marsland

Dave Marsland

Dave Marsland has worked within the bar trade for 12 years working in various restaurants, bars and pubs. He now owns his own brand agency, Drinks Enthusiast and Riddles Emporium specialist spirit shop. Dave is also the founder of Manchester Rum Festival and Director of Bassano Events Ltd.

Charles MacLean

Charles MacLean is a writer whose special subject is Scotch whisky. He has been researching and writing book and articles since 1981, including the standard work on whisky brands, Scotch Whisky and the leading book on its subject, Malt Whisky, both of which were short-listed for Glenfiddich Awards.

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